It’s like I swim against a current so deadly,
I swing my arms to fight, but it always seems to get me.
For the faces within, familiar and friendly,
but the arms around my neck, that of envy.

For I am the strange, broken one,
who dared live and smile for once.
I am the one who wants to breathe,
so they bury me alive and talk of grief.

For these hands, they’re pulling me down,
they speak of love, yet misery’s crown.
So listen, keep your head up high,
and let us too, see you frown.

For it is a feeling of comfort.
To let go and drown there under.
Though sometimes I sit by myself and wonder,
if love is really real?



…and while everyone writes their own story,
I am stuck between these lines.
For if I dipped my soul, into the ink they flow,
I too would speak their lies.

For I am a victim of my mind.
Stuck inside a prison, there behind my eyes.
Though no matter how loud I scream,
no one can hear my cries.

it is fine.

For I, the villain, accept my fate.
As my silence, would have never let me fade.
To be naïve in a world on fire, death,
and I no longer hold my breath.

Though they hear my words,
few have seen there, through.
If my eyes are made of glass,
come close enough to see me too.



Empty minds, stay, walk in lines.
Should you break the cycle, killed by eyes.
By a stare so deadly, it covers lies.
So if you’re ready, please, proceed,
as there’s no time.

Rush to fall in order.
For if you graze the border,
death by sighs.
For the signs, of a normal I,
lay in bed with the sins of fire.

And I make love engulfed in flames,
I touch her skin, despite my rage,
despite my pain, there’s death in change,
as we are all actors and God our stage.

As we bow and head to cage,
within me, something strange.
For as all soldiers stomp and the ground then shakes, my feet rebel and run.

My end.

For I am chased by ghosts,
I am broken and flawed,
I am the odd and the crazy,
the sinner and the lazy.

I, hunted by the force that made me.

I’m not running.

For as the storm approaches fast,
and the clouds they stall my path,
I walk in darkness and breathe at last.

I breathe, before the warriors cut me down, with words sharp as shattered glass.

Though I fall now, my smile’s wide,
For before I died, I know I tried.
I know I lived, as everyone came to feed the beast,
For as he feasts, they marched on beat,
faceless, tired and accepted defeat,
in a world where poetry is dead and art is obsolete.
Where the colors two, as the faces beneath their skin.
Where the mind is heavy and the depth too thin.
Where the lines too straight, and cut too deep.
Where we march in time and the ground too steep.
Where they’re angered, should you speak.
Where I was different.

Where I, lived.


I love.

I love myself,
though at times, I ran.

For storms they raged and rain kissed man,
the leafs they danced, to whispers of thunder,
when the falling night held my hand,
and I roamed through, there under.

I love myself,
though at times, I couldn’t stand.

With the stones I kicked,
I made time stumble.
For when I fade into darkness,
and the soft skin crumbles,
my shadow will stay to breathe.

I see myself,
though this city it sleeps.

For as the sun gently weeps,
and the moon creeps up high,
the streets will flood behind,
if you ever ask them why.

I love myself,
though at times, I ran.
For mountains erupt loud,
in the mind made of glass.
And although it cracks,
it never shatters,
and the reason why,
it never matters.

For the Earth,
it came to be in rage,
and for all the ink we poured on page,
the days they breathe to paint,
a song so strange,
to all the lovers,
to laughter, to change.

I love myself,
for if in this mind I’m caged,
and many times I tried to flee,
it is where I am and always be.

I soar, free,
and I love myself.



On the off chance,
that I’m not swimming in those eyes,
I would swear that her beauty lies,
somewhere across that smile.

There is just something,
so pure and divine,
as if to the clouds I ascended
and my mind it is fine.

I soar.

Where the laws of this world do not apply,
Where the sun never sets.
Where the moon always shines.

Where my feet ever glide,
across a soft summers sky.
Where I, the King of time,
rule in the name of you,
queen of mine.

As I would march twelve soldiers,
in the name of you.
Pray each and every one of them,
stand true.

So please, take my crown, my throne,
take everything I own,
melt it all and forge it into hope,
that I will yet again dive within her soul.

For I swear, her smile is magical,
beautiful, heavenly, calming.
To pour ink for the divine,
seems to be my calling.

The grains of sand, they keep on rolling.
I stand in their way, though the rivers they hold me,
and just as time did, it is I now that is falling.
Buried with hope, embracing peace slowly.

With a smile,
though man’s language too poor, to answer why.



I could swear that there, somewhere between the minutes, on that night, the time, it stood so still.
For I saw with my own two eyes,
that girl smile wide and the world fall too tranquil.

In an ocean, of faceless people, her face is equal,
to every star that kissed the sky.
Oh and I will smile then point up high,
if you ever ask me why.

As we’re not born to live, but we are born to die,
yet I was born right here and lived where no man fly.

Yes, I could swear, on all my years,
that time it slowed to freeze.
But as noise went quiet and the wind blew slow,
we stood there, alone.

For if kings had known, they’d leave their thrones,
and rivers reverse their flow.
And if I spoke now, about that smile,
the trees would turn and sigh.

For I saw life.



To those whom breathe, defeated in darkness,
She smiled one time, so bright.
To all the times the edge was past me,
I swear, I’ve found the light.

For the times I couldn’t breathe, she was far and not in sight.
A stranger in a lonely night.
For the world, it felt so small, before she crossed my mind.
Then the savior, stopped the arms of time.

For how divine, to dive into another’s soul.
Perhaps to those outside, the world is as is before.

I see,

Falling stars, dance across an autumn sky,
fireworks, cheering, laughter, we fly.
For the moment you dance inside her eyes,
the world just seems, so right.

And the world I imagine, still goes on,
we still row across an ocean, memories drawn.
This land still harbors sorrow, tears and peers are gone.
Though I swear for a moment, the sea has calmed.